Doane College has 3 different calendar systems.

The Crete campus has a 4-1-4 calendar system that is arranged into a fall term of four months ending before Holiday recess, a three-week interterm in January, and a spring term of four months ending in May.  Students register for one three-credit course during an interterm and normally take 16-17 semester credits during each of the regular terms.  Very few summer courses are offered.

The terms are:
Fall - FAL
Interterm - ITM
Spring - SPR

The Lincoln, Grand Island, Master of Arts in Management, and Counseling courses are offered in an eight-week intensive format.  During the eight-week term, students attend on class session per week for each course in which they are enrolled.  Flexible one week courses and online courses are also offered.

The terms are:
Autumn - AUTM
Winter I - WIN1
Winter II - WIN2
Spring - SPRG
Summer - SUMM

The Master of Education program runs on a traditional semester calendar consisting of a fall and a spring term of 15 weeks each and one summer term with courses of varying lengths.  Courses during the fall and spring terms generally meet one evening a week.  Summer term classes classes are scheduled during the day, with meeting times determined by the number of days the course meets.

The terms are:
Fall - EDFA
Spring - EDSP
Summer - EDSU